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Job Search Scams

By Thomas James posted 09-30-2022 22:14

Identity thieves are targeting job hunters. Some of these scams are quite elaborate. For example, a scammer might access an individual's resume on Indeed or some other job-hunting website, and contact the person to express interest in hiring him or her. In some cases, a lengthy interview may be set up. During this time, an offer of employment will be extended. The faux employer then instructs the applicant to disclose his or her Social Security number, and sometimes other extremely sensitive confidential information, such as the individual's bank routing and account numbers. 
Thomas James, attorney at the Cokato, Minnesota law office of Tom James, identifies 15 warning signs (or "red flags") that a job-seeker may be the target of a scam, in this article published on Medium:

Job Search Scam Red Flags | Thomas James
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