Case Study: Zlimen & McGuiness, PLLC


Zlimen mndocs Case Study


Working with businesses has always been attorney Bryan Zlimen’s passion, and as a current and past small business owner he uses his experience to help guide clients to the best choices. While a recent law school graduate, he started his firm Zlimen & McGuiness, PLLC in 2008 with his close friend Patrick McGuiness and together they focus on working with businesses that have fewer than 50 employees.

Law firms that want to provide legal solutions that are a good fit for their clients must take the time to listen to the client explain how they understand their own issues and how they’ve been impacted by their challenges. Based on the understanding that legal solutions must be tailored, Bryan Zlimen has consistently practiced this model since he founded his law firm. 

To learn more about Zlimen & McGuiness, creating tailored legal solutions, and law firm efficiency, read this case study.

Bryan also recently presented Business Formation 101 – Choice of Entity, Necessary Documents, and the Role of Templates for Document Assembly(now available On-Demand). While discussing the substantive law and his insights about the choices and the process, Bryan highlighted the value of tools like the MSBA's mndocs, which can help lawyers more efficiently deliver quality legal services.

To see how document assembly works with other practice areas visit practicelaw (marital dissolution and probate), the MSBA's On-Demand library (business formation and real property -- coming soon), and watch for upcoming live programs (DWI, cabin law, same-sex adoption, and guardianship).


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