What Fields of Law Are The Most In-demand?

By James Lewis posted 10-24-2020 14:07


While being a lawyer who practices all sorts of law can be interesting, it can limit how much you earn as you can’t charge top-dollar if you aren’t a specialist. Being a specialist makes it easier for you to pitch to clients as many will come to you with specific problems and ask you questions expecting satisfactory answers.

Specializing in one field is interesting as it can help you establish yourself as an authority on a particular matter in the field you’ll choose. If you want to pursue a career in law, you need to start finding out which fields in law are in demand to ensure a stable career after specializing.

Family law

The big reason family law is in demand is that almost half of all married couples get a divorce. Family law is not just about settling divorces, though, as families usually entrust one lawyer with all their legal issues, so you might find yourself settling criminal law cases. 

The fact that families usually prefer one lawyer can help you create a strong referral network as you will have many cases that might need specialists in other fields.

According to the expert law faculty at Abraham Lincoln University, you can study further and pursue a Juris Doctor degree to strengthen your knowledge and boost your law career.

Employment law

As long as there are people working, there’ll always be a need for employment law practitioners and the good news about this practice area is that it’s not boring. Every case that employment law practitioners deal with is unique as laws enacted to protect workers are ever-changing, just like the job market. 

Building a case as an employment attorney will almost always lead to interesting discoveries as you might need access to company emails, employee psychiatric reports, and performance evaluations. Practicing employment law is not just about settling cases. Lawyers in this field, play a crucial role in helping real people work in safe environments.

Elder law 

With a large number of the “baby boomer” generation achieving senior citizen status, a drop in birth-rates and lifespans becoming longer in the US elder law is becoming in-demand. The US elderly population is also expected to surpass the number of children alive by 2035, and that means legal issues with wills, estate tax, and special needs will rise.

Legal concerns that affect the elderly will also increase as senior citizens will need a lawyer to help them with Medicare claims, age-discrimination cases, and guardianship issues. Elderly people who’ve served in the army will also need more attorneys to help with veteran benefits claims.

Corporate law

According to a 2020 report, the demand for corporate law practitioners rose by 1.4% between November 2018 and November 2019 in the US. Corporate attorneys are very useful to businesses as they can help them choose legal entities that will help them achieve their goals.

Besides assisting businesses at their grassroots levels, corporate attorneys help large companies with transactions like mergers and acquisitions. Corporate law practitioners also resolve pain points of various businesses like labor issues and other claims that may be filed against them.

Complex litigation

One of the highest paying fields in law is complex litigation and according to a Robert Half Legal report, experts in this field are always in demand. What has increased this demand is that instant messages and emails are regarded as records stored and produced as evidence in court.

Attorneys who are willing to sift through mountains of data are very valuable and so is painstaking attention to detail. Complex litigation cases can also last for a long time as usually there are high stakes from large entities involved, so many motions get filed to address all the case’s intricacies.