Online Communities Update - Navigation & Uploading Profile Photo

By Mary Warner posted 06-12-2023 08:00 AM


On June 13, 2023, MSBA is updating its online communities with a new look and additional functionality. Here is a guide to navigating the updates, including instructions on how to upload a new profile photo.

Individual Community

Let's start with how an individual community will now look, using Member Exchange as an example.

Note the title now appears in a banner image, which will be consistent across all communities. The rest of the page will be similar to what you've been used to.

Welcome Page for Logging In

There is a new welcome page for the communities. This is where you'll start to log in to the communities. Use the same user name and password you use to sign in to the MSBA website and the current communities.
You can log in using a couple of different buttons on the welcome page, shown by the turquoise arrows below.
The welcome page features links to a number of other resources on the MSBA website. You'll be able to find these links both on MSBA's main website and on your new online communities timeline.
Once you are logged in, you will be taken to your timeline.

Communities Timeline

MSBA's updated online communities now feature a timeline, which is similar to the timeline on Facebook or LinkedIn and serves as your home page in the online communities. Your timeline features the latest discussion posts, blog posts, and comments from the communities you belong to. It continuously scrolls backward in time.
You can also Recommend and follow posts in your timeline.
Along the sides are sections of helpful information that do not scroll when you are scrolling your timeline. (The timeline will scroll independently from the rest of the page if you click on the central timeline and hover over it while scrolling.) 
I've highlighted a few of these sections below.
The purple arrow on the left above points out your profile name and photo. 
The green arrow on the left above points out quick links to communities you belong to. It will feature up to four of these at a time, with a link to the rest. If you belong to more than four communities, this list will rotate among the different communities.
The turquoise arrow on the right above points out several helpful quick links, including My Community Settings, My Photo, My MSBA Member Account, MSBA Home Page (the main MSBA website), and Member Directory.
Note that My Photo is circled in purple. If you'd like to update your profile photo, you'll need that link for the following instructions.

Updating Your Profile Photo

With the rollout of the updated communities, now is a great time to update your profile photo, or add one if you don't have one. 
You may notice that your profile photo looks a little squished or distorted. Uploading a new photo, or even re-uploading your current photo, will fix that. (Note that in the guided instructions below, I re-uploaded my current profile photo. It didn't appear to be distorted in the communities, but upon uploading it again, I discovered that it was slightly squished.)
To upload a photo, click on the My Photo link in your timeline (shown circled in purple in the image above).
You will be brought to your member profile page.
Click on the Actions button below your current photo, then click on Change Picture. 
You'll get the Select Files to Upload screen. Click on it and locate the photo you want to use in your File Explorer.
When you've chosen your photo and clicked Open on the File Explorer, you'll get a screen that allows you to crop your image to the square required for your profile photo. Rotate the photo if needed using the tool on the left. Drag the square to where you'd like to crop the image and click Save.
The cropped photo will appear on the next screen. Click Upload and your new profile photo will appear on your member profile page and on your timeline page.
When you are finished uploading your photo, you may return to your timeline by clicking on the Home link at the top of the screen above your photo (circled in green below).
If you have any questions about the updated online communities or would like a walk-through, let me know. Send me an email at or book a half-hour walk-through with me at