Should I hire a personal injury lawyer

By James Lewis posted 12-21-2020 14:44


Are you wondering if you should hire a personal injury lawyer? If you've been in an accident and it was someone else's fault, you can receive monetary compensation. But as you already know, you cannot expect the insurer to be fair and offer you the money without trying to say you were also to blame. They don't make a profit by providing all victims money. When you get in touch with them, pay attention to what you say when they take your statement because they're motivated to stop you from filing a lawsuit. It's similar to the cops reading your Miranda rights, "everything you say can and will be used against you". Also, don't write or sign anything because you may be signing your right to file a lawsuit later

Insurers are trained to overwhelm and frustrate you to make you give up your rights. They want to make you feel your claim is hopeless and won't get enough money to cover a trial's costs. 

This is when a personal injury lawyer comes in because they can obtain compensation when dealing with an insurer who tries to convince you that you did something wrong. 

When should you hire a personal injury lawyer?

When you experience low to no injuries, there's no reason to hire an expert because a trial would only waste your time and money. Here is a list of times when you should look for Gould Injury lawyers Connecticut, so make sure to check it before calling your local law firm. 

- You or one of the passengers in your car is seriously injured (broken bones, spinal or brain injuries, back pain, whiplash)

- Death resulted from the negligence of another individual

- The insurance company refuses to offer compensation even if you're badly injured

- The person to blame doesn't' have enough or any insurance

- Your physician poorly treated you

- The nursing home where your loved one stays neglected or abused them

- You slipped, fell, and injured yourself on someone else's property and you cannot attend work, or you experience complex medical issues

Even if you seem to have only a minor injury, you should see a doctor examine your medical condition. Often the physician can tell if your health state requires the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Get your injuries assessed because even if you don't feel in pain now, you can experience a medical problem that gets worse over time.  

How can a personal injury lawyer help you?

The name of the job tells you what they do, they support you during a personal injury case. They handle accidents, negligence, and carelessness cases. But if someone intentionally hurts you, you need to hire another specialist because it doesn't enter the tort law category. 

The personal injury lawyer offers advice on the case after thoroughly investigating it and telling you if you should go to trial or settle it outside the court. They work to get you justice and settle with the insurance company in your name. 

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