Is your injury work-related

By James Lewis posted 12-21-2020 03:26 PM


In 2020, fewer individuals were injured at the workplace, which is mostly due to the break from activity caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Nonetheless, the number of work-related injuries still remains high. Roughly 4,996 incidents occurred between January and June. If you’re one of the few unlucky injured on the job, you must seek justice. The employer must pay for the injury regardless of fault. You may have been informed that the only compensation you can seek comes from your boss’ workers' compensation insurance. Just so you know, in some cases, it’s possible to sue for damages caused by the injury you’ve sustained. A personal injury lawyer can help you seek compensation for medical costs and lost wages. Here are some tips for proving that an injury is work-related. 

Seek medical care right away 

If someone has called the ambulance, it’s a good idea to let the doctors inspect your wound. A trip to the hospital is a clear sign that you were injured badly. With medical documentation, you can successfully win the claim. Not only does it attest to the existence of the injury but also its severity. Even if you don’t require immediate care, it’s paramount to schedule an appointment with the doctor. If you slipped on a wet floor and hit your head, the doctor will discover the concussion and record every aspect of your medical care. Tell the health care professional what happened. Don’t delay seeking medical attention because the insurance company will say the injury happened after you left the workplace 

Take pictures of the scene 

You have a smartphone that can take quality photos and you should better put it to good use. Visual evidence can make a difference in a personal injury case. More specifically, it can help you build a strong case. Take plenty of pictures of the scene of the accident. When gathering photographic evidence, it’s important to focus on your injury and the clothes and shoes you were wearing. If your colleagues witnessed the accident, get their testimony. You can use the recording feature in this respect. Make sure the audio and video quality meets the standards imposed by the court. The jury will be more likely to understand the incident and retain important information. 

Request a copy of the report in your employer’s accident book  

When unfortunate incidents occur in the workplace, it’s necessary to report them. It’s the responsibility of the employer to report the accident to OSHA or the local authority.  Get your hands on that report. If you’re not able to access your OSHA accident report online, you can submit a formal inquiry. Make the request in writing and include a reasonable description of why you need the report. If you’re still struggling with the consequences of the accident, get your lawyer to help you. they will also ask your boss for internal records and files. Since companies have no obligation to hand over their paperwork, it will be necessary to issue a subpoena.