How to Win Your Personal Injury Case

By James Lewis posted 12-21-2020 03:43 PM


A personal injury claim occurs where actions of a third party cause injury and damage to the plaintiff. If you encounter an injury caused by an adverse party, it is important for you to be fairly rewarded. 

When you are ready to file a personal injury claim, ensure all prerequisites of winning the case are properly set to get proper and just compensation. Take a look at these five ways you can succeed in your personal injury case.

Get you a top-notch personal injury claim attorney

Some personal injury claims may be simple and straightforward, hence precluding the need for an attorney and save on legal fees. This sounds good but this area of law is wide and you will extremely benefit from the services of an experienced and good attorney. 

According to Vik Monder of Monder Law Group, San Diego, CA, when faced with personal injury, one of the proper things to do is seek a legal opinion from a competent lawyer who has a good reputation and is specialized in handling such cases. 

Hiring a good attorney not only ensures your rights are upheld. You also stand a higher chance of benefiting from the maximum possible compensation.

Is your claim worth a lawsuit?

Every personal injury claim deserves just and fair compensation. It is prudent to assess the nature of the injury as to whether time and money have to be spent pursuing it. It is common for an individual to solve their issues out of court.

Some matters don’t need to be dealt with formally, especially where the compensation is low. This will save time and money. Some, however, need to be handled formally. For example, an injury that occurs from a road accident is worth a lawsuit. Ensure the matter you want to pursue has the necessary elements of liability, negligence, and damage to succeed.

Have all the records kept safe

All documents including, police reports, bills, medical reports, statements made by witnesses, or recorded evidence, must be properly kept and maintained safely, preferably by your injury attorney, with copies at your disposal. 

This should be a basic prerequisite because when your matter goes to court, these documents will be called into question and maybe form the basis of your success or failure in your claim. 

Remember, the most reasonable compensation you are pursuing is monetary, and the paperwork comes in handy. Make sure your attorney keeps a safe file and produces it anytime the documents are required to be presented before the jury as evidence.

Ensure your doctor has your back

A prima facie (the claim has a likelihood of success) case for a personal injury needs to be backed by critical evidence of a qualified medical doctor. It is of most importance to have your doctor on the side of your story. His expert opinion will be called to testify on the severity of your injury and whether it will attract a significant amount of pecuniary compensation.  

The doctor may give evidence that your injuries are not a result of the accident, which will be the end of your claim. Your doctor should have a good reputation for his opinion’s credibility before the jury.

Don’t accept early insurance compensation

The insurance company will be in a rush to make you an offer that may initially sound fair and attractive. It is important to note that the insurance company and its lawyers are working on their self-interest. 

Your claim may be more than what they are offering. Do not easily accept an offer by the insurance company before you engage an attorney. If you accept the initial offer and decide to file a case in the future, you may not succeed in using them. A clause may be inserted to exclude your right to file a case upon accepting an agreement from the insurance.