How an Accident on a Construction Site Can Affect Your Future

By James Lewis posted 14 days ago


Working on a construction site can be hazardous despite all the safety precautions that have to be taken. You may have a fall from a height, be struck by a falling object, be crushed by machinery or suffer a chemical burn. 

Construction has a higher number of fatal injuries than any other job sector. If you suffer a serious injury while working on a construction site, the effects on your future can be devastating. 

The possibility of unfair compensation

If you or anyone you love has suffered as a result of a construction accident, you should not have to settle for less than you deserve. Companies and their insurance providers may try to offer you as little compensation as possible. 

The truth is you are facing a complex legal situation and if you try to navigate it on your own, you may not receive fair compensation. You will need fair compensation if you hope to take back your life. If you’re looking for personal injury attorneys, Orlando firm Kaufman & Lynd has the experience to be able to assist you to get what you deserve. 

Types of injuries you may suffer

Working on construction sites means you are exposed to scaffolds, heavy machinery, forklifts and power tools. Whether you are struck by a heavy tool that falls from some scaffolding, falls from a ladder, step backwards into an excavation hole or get crushed by heavy machinery, you may suffer serious injuries. 

Hardhats, gloves, safety goggles and other protective measures can reduce your risks but accidents can still happen. When they do, you can pay the price. 

You can suffer from a wide range of injuries, ranging from minor to severe. At the very least, you may suffer from bruises, cuts and broken or fractured bones. Back, shoulder and neck injuries are common. You may break a limb or even suffer the loss of a limb. Your injuries may be severe enough to require extensive long-term medical care. 

Long term consequences

Even if you survive the injuries, you can be left with chronic pain, damaged skin or organs, a permanent disability, and post-traumatic stress. Burns and loss of eyesight may happen due to exposure to harmful chemicals. 

You may be disfigured by scars that affect your quality of life. Head injuries can result in a loss of cognitive function. You may not be able to continue to work if you suffer from any of these issues. Your medical bills will also mount up and can add to your financial stress. 

Code violations

When employers do not follow safety and building codes, the workplace may be dangerous than it should be for you. Some code violations may include using unsafe equipment or not providing the right health and safety gear. 

When you are not properly trained, safety precautions are ignored, and equipment is not inspected regularly, dangerous and even fatal accidents can occur. The codes are put in place for a reason and when they are violated, your safety and livelihood is on the line. You should be able to receive compensation for being unfairly subjected to dangerous working conditions. 

Third-party claims

When accidents happen, employees who are injured may also have a claim against another party who is not the employer. For instance, you may have a claim against an outside contractor who created an unsafe condition on the worksite or against the manufacture of the defective tool that caused your injury. 

Defective machinery, like a malfunctioning safety switch, can result in a serious accident. Having an experienced attorney will help you to protect your rights.