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I have been an attorney for over 31 years, and have spent the vast majority of my legal career concentrating exclusively in the area of family law. Like most family law attorneys, I entered this practice area because I care deeply about children and families. Unlike many attorneys, however, I understand what my clients are going through on a very personal level; I have literally been where they are, and where their children are, having experienced many of the same challenges.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family, and my parents divorced shortly before I graduated high school. No longer a minor child, I was not eligible for child support, and I was on my own financially. I worked to put myself through school and to support myself and my family. My son and daughter, whom I raised as a single parent for nearly their whole childhoods, are now happy and successful adults of whom I'm immensely proud.

Having been a single parent, I am deeply aware of how the choices we make during and after divorce can help or hinder our children. My philosophy is that "Children are not a prize to be won." They deserve the love and support of both parents throughout their lives. My job is to guide and support my clients through the complex legal system, advocating for them so that their focus can be on healing themselves and their kids, and on laying a solid foundation for the future.

In addition to helping Minnesota individuals and families through my practice, I also consider it a priority to volunteer my legal services. I am proud to have been recognized as a volunteer attorney in association with Central Minnesota Legal Services, and I also volunteer regularly at the Law Clinic located in the Wright County Law Library. This is part of my commitment to helping parents who need to understand the legal process and who want to develop child-friendly parenting plans. Family law disputes and their aftermath are hard, as I know from both personal and professional experience, but I take great satisfaction in giving my clients hope for a brighter future.