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Things to Keep in Mind When Writing Book Review Essays 

Book review essays help the reader know about a published work as the reviewer or the writer assesses and write my essay. The book review tries to merit the book’s content and provide an assessment regarding its value, which helps the readers decide if it’s worth the read or not. Being critical of someone else’s work comes with an ethical responsibility of being sincere with the reader by being objective and open to the text.

Most of the students unaccustomed to review essays seek help from speech topics, as the book review essay is unlike the other academic essays and require them to critically read and analyze works of literature and other text. Students are required to write book review essays as it promotes critical reading and careful analyses of the text under consideration. It prompts the reader to guide their evaluation through sound reasoning and to connect the content to the wider knowledge or day to day life experiences.

The three parts of the book review

Content of the book

The main points that are raised in the book and the subject area it belongs to. You should be able to give the reader information about what are of the wider subject the content covers; what it discusses and what it doesn’t

The writing style of the book

Here you will assess the writing process of the author. This includes the clarity of the language and the arrangement of the subject matter. You can talk about the audience that the writing style targets, such as scholarly, layman, or experts.

Significant of the book

You should be able to place the book in the wider field of knowledge related to the subject at hand. Make sure to provide just evaluation and tell the reader what it contributes to the wider discussion of the subject. This part is very important as you provide your assessment of the book’s worth. 

The important parts of the book review


The bibliography will contain information about the book that a prospective reader might want to know. This includes the title of the book; the name of the author, and their previous works; the publication information: date, number of pages, name of the publisher, etc; and the edition of the book. You can find the information on the book cover and the starting pages of the book.


You should also inform the reader to which class of genre the book relates to. Both for fiction genres and non-fiction ones the writer needs to evaluate the content of the book in regards to the genre it belongs to. Moreover, the writer should also make connections, if any, with previous works (by the same author or others) in the genre.

Subject matter and content covered in the book 

For fiction, the topics discussed will be revealed by analysis about the characters, the plot, the setting, etc. In non-fiction, you will talk about the significant ideas discussed throughout the book. You should be critical about the areas that work ignores to bring under consideration.

Make sure not to give away any spoilers while diving into character and setting development and analysis while extracting the ideas and themes in fiction writing.

The style of writing

You can give an insight into the style of the writing by talking about how the content is presented and do my homework. As you get comfortable with the style of the author, make sure you note down the passages that reflect succinctly the style unique to the author. You can give an overall picture of the writing style by reflecting upon the tone used, the writing techniques adopted, etc.


You will submit your evaluation of the book in regards to other words on the subject matter and in the genre. You can also discuss the audience it targets, whether the subject matter is universal or only helpful for a selected audience group.

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