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Children's fun for the road that you can do yourself. From paper!

One of the most difficult challenges for parents is not to let the child get bored on the trip (visiting grandmother, at the dacha or on the train on the way to the sea). And without a phone or tablet. Mel and Canon PIXMA offer children's entertainment options that do not require a lot of preparation and unnecessary space in your luggage. All you need is to print the blanks at home, and then don't forget to take them with you.

For children 7-11 years old

If you have never heard of Minecraft, let's say in a few words: this is a computer game, the characters of which live in a three-dimensional world. In some ways, it resembles the Lego world, but parents often do not welcome the hobby for Minecraft (he sits at the computer and stares at the screen!). Well, if this disgrace cannot be undone, it can be led. Invite your child to continue the Minecraft world in reality: print templates of people, buildings and other attributes of the game.

Gamedev, or game development, is one of the most exciting professions of the future. Each computer game is created in several stages: idea, scenario, game balance calculation, design. Board games are the same story, and a future game designer should train on them. Invite your child to print out a card or board game. So he will quickly understand how the gameplay is organized, and then it will be easier to come up with his own. It is convenient to take a printed game on a trip: it will not take up much space in a suitcase.

Three-dimensional figures can be found for every taste: Superman, Rapunzel, Deadpool or the characters of Rick and Morty. These are not just dolls, but favorite characters that have come off the screen, which will be a great addition to the interior. They can, for example, decorate a shelf in a bookcase or put on a desk. Thanks to these paper characters, you will see that modern children are still interested in doing something with their own hands.

A good printer will come in handy to print your workpieces (and get a high-quality image of even the smallest details). If you have one at home, you can do it even a few minutes before departure. For large volumes of pictures, photographs or texts, the Canon PIXMA G printers are perfect. They have a built-in continuous ink supply system, which helps to print a lot and economically: one sheet will cost only a few kopecks. They are also easy to set up and refill - even a child can handle it.

For children 11-13 years old

You won't surprise anyone with a smartphone of the latest model, but you will definitely get a three-color kaleidoscope (or, in a scientific way, a hexaflexagon). The look of the blank paper is deceptively simple: a single strip of paper that needs to be bent along the lines and glued. In fact, this will require perseverance and patience from the teenager. Surely it won't work the first time, so make several blanks at once. As soon as the first toy is ready, you can arrange a competition with your friends - who will make the next one faster and who will be the easiest to spin. In general, when it gets really boring on the road, just take out the three-color rectangle, glue stick and tell the children what to do with them.

It is unlikely that the grandmothers near the entrance will be delighted if the child trains in graffiti on the wall of a nine-story building. First you need to learn how to draw sketches and come up with your own fonts on paper. You can start with special coloring pages with graffiti sketches. It is convenient to use them to select colors, build a composition and work out different fonts - try not to get confused which letter is in front and which is behind in this jumble.

This numerical web Sudoku easy puzzle with a Japanese name was invented at the end of the last century in the United States. It is necessary to insert numbers into squares of different sizes, which should not be repeated. Free online Sudoku cannot be considered just entertainment: this simple thing develops attention perfectly. In general, what you need for a long journey and boring waiting at the airport. I suggest not to be shy and take up complex options right away - Sudoku with the English alphabet or with mirrored numbers.