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5 Warning Signs of a Scam Essay Writing Company

Essay writing assignments are usually tiring for students. As they already have so many tasks lined up and also have to keep up with their class schedule. Now it is quite a common practice for the students to opt for online essay writing services. They make things a lot easier for them. At the same time, students are concerned about the authenticity of the source they are going to trust. There are tens and hundreds of websites offering “write my essay” services and promising things along with that. This is where most of the students are compelled by all those promises and place their orders.

In most cases, it is seen that students make all the payments in advance, and after that, no representative from that website responds to the student. In the other case, most of the assignments from such websites are plagiarised and of no use to students.

If you think wisely, you can easily spot a fake essay writing service. The following are some very points to ponder to write essay for me and make decisions carefully and stay safe from scammers.

  • Advance Payments

Any source asking for all the payment in advance is a scam for sure! This is one of the most significant scam alert signs for you. Yes, asking for some amount as the advance payment is fine, but authentic sources will never ask for all the payment in advance.

Make sure that you do not fall for such scams as it is highly probable that you will get a poor quality paper. Also, there will be no such thing as a customer support team to help you with your queries. 

  • Reviews

Reviews are yet another significant key in knowing that what the site is actually about and how it works. 

The biggest trick that these writing services use is creating fake essay reviews to rank their websites as the best one. In case a website does not have a review page or does not allow anyone to leave a comment, it is an indication that this source is not trustworthy. 

Moreover, many websites develop fake reviews to get a good ranking. In this case, read some of the reviews along with the grammar and the writing style, you will quickly identify if they are fake or real. 

  • No Money-Back Guarantee

A trustworthy essay writing service will ensure you a good grade and will not ask for payment in advance. In case it does, then there must be a money-back guarantee. 

A money-back guarantee, also known as a satisfaction guarantee, is essentially a simple guarantee that, if a customer is not satisfied with a product or service, the initially deposited money will be returned. 

In case you hire a service provider and there is no money-back guarantee in their policy, you must stay away as it is another way to write my essay for me and trap the students.

  • Prices

Prices may vary from website to website, which is not strange as there are many writing services available online. 

However, meagre prices always indicate harmful content because it is quite apparent who will write a pitch-perfect paper for you with that unrealistic price. When looking for a legitimate and reliable writing service, always try to find a reasonable price. 

  • Writers

The writers are the root strength of any essay writing services. Most of the time, the websites have profiles of their writers. You need to look at those profiles at least once.

Conduct small research on those writers, ensure that they are authentic, and are qualified according to the requirements. 

If you are not satisfied with the writer and their portfolios then you should never trust them with your academic assignments. 

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