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On Paraphrasing and Summarizing Source Material in Essay Writing

Both summarizing and paraphrasing allow for the essay writer to write my essay and induce authority in their writing without having to quote the original text word by word. Without these methods, academic writing will look like a collection of outside quotes. It would show the quality research but cloud the quality of writing. Many students who know not to overquote in the essay, paraphrase, and summarize the source material. However unpracticed at it, they make several mistakes which include unintentionally plagiarising the source material. These writers end up taking help from an essay writing service to help them polish their essays and make their source information presentation right. 

However, it is important as an academic writer to know how to paper writing services and use the source information correctly on their own, as without it they won’t be able to champion their ideas by using the opinions and findings of experts.

There are three ways you can use inculcate source information in your writing:

  • Quoting: Quoting should be done sparsely and only when you can’t do without the exact wording used by an author. Quote when paraphrasing the text will weaken the meaning or message of the quote.
  • Paraphrasing: Paraphrasing as opposed to quoting the text shows the effort made by the reader to understand the text and present only the relevant material or the gist of it to the reader.
  • Summarizing:  There are times when whole research articles or papers back your ideas or claims and in order to essay writing service and convey them with more authority you have to refer to the specific article or paper. You can do this by summarizing the central thesis, its main points, and conclusion, saving the reader from going through the manual work of reading the referenced research.


Paraphrasing allows you to absorb the source information and present it with new words and new phrases in your own style of writing. This allows you to demonstrate your ability to comprehend text and present it in your own words. While paraphrasing you will have to look out for several things.

  • Accuracy: 

The diction that you use in your paraphrasing should not cloud the meaning of the original text or make it open to being misinterpreted. Understanding the source text fully is the first step towards paraphrasing, you can then align your words to communicate the message fully.

  • Using your writing style:

Try not to use the style of writing that is akin to that of the source material, as it is easier to spot a change in your writing style when you are paraphrasing. Try to work the main ideas and the main points into your writing rather than changing the words from the original structure.

  • Providing appropriate citation and reference:

Avoid plagiarism and cite the author, the publication, and/or the date, when you paraphrase the text, as even though the text might not match the original source, you are still using someone else’s ideas or work. 


Summarizing is useful when whole articles and papers backup or support your points. Where it becomes useful for you to write my paper for me and provide the main points of the source of your readers instead of clouding them with details that they can do away with. 

It is also helpful to summarize text that helps the readers understand the background or the context of a certain idea, argument, or a subject. Such concise and packed authoritative information demonstrates your effort and improves the readers’ understanding of the text. Though summarizing you do the work for your reader. You only have to make sure that you provide the proper reference and citation to the source used for the information.

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