Will a Career in Law be a Wise Choice?

By James Lewis posted 13 days ago


Based on how many students are applying to law school, it is evident that this is a growing career field. There is an increasing demand for legal professionals, unlike other career fields where job opportunities are dwindling.

While your legal career might not hold the same glamor as the characters you see in films and TV shows, it offers you a unique opportunity to make a difference for your clients.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider a career in law:

Job availability

With lawyers involved in many aspects of individual and business clients’ activities, there are various job opportunities in the legal field. If you do not want to be a lawyer, you could consider working as a mediator, paralegal, legal secretary, or legal consultant. 

Law firms report an increase in their caseloads, meaning that they must hire more associates to deal with them. This is the ideal way to make a foray into the legal profession as you can learn a lot by working at a large firm.

Intellectual challenge

Getting into law school can be an intellectual challenge of its own, as you must pass the LSAT exam to qualify. Many hours of preparation go into this crucial exam, and hiring an LSAT tutor from Tutor the People could give you an advantage over other candidates. 

As an attorney, you need to apply complex thinking processes such as critical thought, deductive reasoning, and case analysis. If you like being given puzzles to mull over or a jigsaw to put together, you will enjoy working in the legal field. 

There are always two sides to a case. As a lawyer, you will represent one of them, and your job is to make sure you do that well enough to persuade a judge or jury to choose yours.

Different practice areas

Few lawyers operate across all legal fields, preferring instead to specialize in one area. Some go on to sub-specialize, zooming in on a specific legal facet. For example, someone specializing in family law could sub-specialize in succession, divorce, or custody cases. There are dozens of practice areas to consider if you decide to become a lawyer.

Corporate lawyers work with taxes, mergers, acquisitions, and contracts. Real estate attorneys facilitate the legal requirements for the sale of land and buildings. Criminal lawyers either work for the state as prosecutors or as defense attorneys.

Evolving law

With new advances in technology and how they are utilized and regulated, laws evolve to meet them. This requires more lawyers who understand these advances and can use the law to protect their clients’ interests. 

Lawyers need to be innovative and forward-thinking individuals who can master new technology, tackle new challenges, and solve problems.

Application of the law is something that requires a human touch. Of all professions that might one day be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI), it is doubtful that law will be one of them. We are a long way from having robots with the soft skills a career in law requires, such as interpersonal communication, leadership, and problem-solving.

Money and prestige

Not every lawyer will become wealthy, but there is money to be made in the field. With a few years’ experience under your belt, you might decide to open your own legal practice or apply to become a partner at a large law firm. Many people use a career in law as a springboard to pursue political aspirations.

If you are a good lawyer, you will never be short of clients. Lawyers are respected members of their communities since people view them as learned, fair, and impartial.