• Openings on MN Bar Foundation Board - Apply by 5/25

    Consider applying for a position on the Board of the Minnesota State Bar Foundation. The Foundation provides monetary grants to community and law-related programs and activities. Areas of emphasis include legal assistance to the disadvantaged, improvements ... more

  • Dealing with and Defending Ethics Complaints

    New eBook by Bill Wernz released.

    Dealing with and Defending Ethics Complaints is a guide written by well-known ethics attorney William J. Wernz as a companion to his MN Legal Ethics treatise (7th Ed coming June 2017).. more

  • Message from the International Refugee Assistance Project

    Subject: Time Sensitive Travel Ban Research Needed

    Dear Lawyers and Law Firms Who have Written to IRAP to Inquire How to Help Fight the Muslim Travel Ban,

    Thank you so much to all of you for writing to inquire how you could assist in the legal fight ... more

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  • Posted in: SoloSmall Community

    In court, judges will usually insist on only one lawyer doing the questioning of any one witness. Otherwise it's an unfair tag team on one side against the witness. I would assume the same rule would apply in deposition. I do not know if there is a ...

  • Posted in: SoloSmall Community

    Solo small attorneys, Is there any rule that prohibits 2 attorneys representing the same 4 plaintiffs from both asking questions of the same defendant at the defendant's deposition?  The judge was not available to rule on the dispute. The defendant's ...

  • Posted in: SoloSmall Community

    I used to create a PDF portfolio to save client emails to my computer.  It was indexed and included the attachment. It was great. I bought a new computer and upgraded to Outlook 2016 through office 365.  I am still using my Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard that ...

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